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Pool Cleaning

Clear Water Pool & Spa services maintains pools and spas in Mobile County, Alabama and Baldwin County, Alabama. Regular maintenance and cleaning is important to extending the longevity of your pool. Our experts work with our clients to create a plan that fits your needs and your budget.

During your routine cleaning services our pool service technician will provide a variety of services, including:
• Clean Skimmer Basket
• Filter Cleaning
• Test Water Chemistry
• Balance Water Chemistry
• Brushing Tile & Sides of Pool Wall
• Skim Pool Surface
• Monitor & Check Equipment Performance

As part of your scheduled service, our service team will clean the skimmers basket of your pool and pump when needed. The filter will also be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning your skimmer basket and filter will leave your pool free of bacteria and keep your equipment up and running its best. Our weekly services will also include brushing your pool tile and pool walls. If our service team detects any loose or broken tiles, they will consult with you and make a plan for repair if needed.

As part of your scheduled pool service, we will also test and balance your water chemistry. Chemical products eliminate bacteria and ensure that your water is the perfect condition for a daily dip in the pool!

We want to make sure that you are able to enjoy your pool and enjoy swimming free of debris, leaves, and other objects. The Clear Water and Spa team will also vacuum your pool to ensure that the accumulated dirt and debris is removed so that your pool looks great year-round! To finish out your pool cleaning service, our pool service team will skim the surface of your pool to make sure it looks the best it can look!

If our pool service team notices any issues or concerns as they are cleaning your pool, jacuzzi or spa, they will bring it to your immediate attention. Together we will determine a plan of action to troubleshoot, maintain, and service your pool, jacuzzi, and spa.

Swimming Pool Repair Cleaning Mobile AL
Austin is a great person first and foremost. His prices are reasonable, he is consistent with his service and does a great job every time.

I had Austin price some extra things on my pool and his prices were competitive and he executed quickly and flawlessly.

I would highly recommend Clear Water to everyone!


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Swimming pool cleaning Mobile Alabama

Pool Maintenance in Mobile Alabama

Clear Water Pool & Spa services and maintains pools in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. Our pool service and repair technicians are highly qualified and trained in all aspects of pool repair, water chemistry, and pool cleaning. In addition to maintaining your pool, our expert technicians provide preventative maintenance to prevent costly pool and spa repairs if left undetected. Clear Water Pool & Spa also provide general maintenance and troubleshooting to keep your pool and spa in best condition!

Many of the problems pool owners have are the results of a breakdown in the pool cleaner components. Your pool cleaner includes the skimmer and vacuum, pool chemicals, and pool filter and pool pump.

Swimming Pool Repair Cleaning Mobile AL

Pool, Spa, and Jacuzzi Owners Experience These Common Problems

Green or Cloudy Water
If your pool turns green you mostly likely have a crop of algae in your pool. Scheduled pool maintenance can prevent this from happening. If your pool does turn green, the experts at Clear Water Pool & Spa in Mobile, Alabama, can fix this by killing the algae, brushing the walls to remove the algae, and vacuum your pool to return it to normal. It is important to test your pool’s chlorine level to prevent algae growth in the future.

Some owners also notice that their crystal clear pool water has turned cloudy. If this happens, there is typically a build-up of bacteria in your pool. The pool technicians at Clear Water Pool & Spa will test the chemicals in your pool and add chemicals as needed. Just like with algae buildup, regular testing of your pool, jacuzzi, and spa water will prevent bacteria growth and keep your pool looking crystal clear.

Dirty Filter
Pool filter can become ineffective if they are dirty or clogged. It is important to check and clean your filter on a regular basis. Pool filters will get dirty faster if there is heavy pool use or at times due to environmental issues. Filters will need cleaning more frequently if there is heavy pollen or tree blossoms falling into your pool, jacuzzi, or spa. If it is windy out, more dust and dirt than normal can blow into the pool. All of things can affect the function and effectiveness of your pool filter.

Clean your pool filter according to the instructions for your particular type of pool filter. There are also products available to help degrease your filter. The filter can become coated with body oil and sunscreen product. The filter cleaner will remove most of these substances from your filter. A clean filter will be more efficient and will use less energy, and keeping the filter clean can extend its life.

Scheduled maintenance of your pool will help prevent filters from becoming clogged and ineffective.

If you need us to clean or check your filter, or if you are in need of maintenance to your pool, jacuzzi, or spa, give the experts at Clear Water Pool & Spa in Mobile, Alabama

pH Level
A safe pH level for swimming pool water is 7.2-7.6. A pH outside of this range will cause issues including irritation to the skin, throat, or eyes of the people using your pool. When our pool technicians service your pool, they will check the pH level. If your pool or jacuzzi water is outside of the a healthy pH range our pool specialists will balance the pH level as needed with pool chemicals.

If you are concerned about the pH Level of your pool, call the experts at Clear Water Pool & Spa. We will come out and troubleshoot any issues or concerns you may have and get your pool back to pristine condition.

Pool Pump
The pool pump O-ring and filter O-ring need to be checked periodically for wear. As part of your scheduled pool cleaning, our pool techs will check your pump and filter to determine if the pump O-ring or filter O-ring need to be replaced. Every time we check your filter we will look for any signs of wear, cracks, rips or tears.

If you think you have a pool leak it could be caused by a defective or worn out O-ring. This allows water to leak from the filter and can cause extensive costly damage. You can minimize problems and costly repairs to your pool and equipment by allowing the experts at Clear Water Pool & Spa to provide you with scheduled pool maintenance.

If you are not one of our current clients, and have not been getting scheduled pool servicing and cleaning, the Clear Water Pool & Spa team will come assess the current state of your pool and pool pump, and perform necessary repairs and maintenance.

The team at Clear Water Pool and Spa can troubleshoot and repair various issues you may experience with your pool, jacuzzi or spa, including: pump issues, filter repairs, motor concerns, plumbing and valve repairs, heating issues, and vacuum problems. Call us to solve your pool, spa, or jacuzzi problems. 

Clear Water Pool & Spa in Mobile, Alabama services Mobile and Baldwin Counties. Our expert team can help you with all your pool and spa cleaning services, maintenance, and repairs.


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